Our lives are driven largely by happenstance. Where we find ourselves and with whom we find ourselves at any given moment has profound consequences on the trajectory of our goals and future achievements. 

  This collection of unassociated people and places is a photographic manifestation of destiny. A concept which, from its place at the heart of the American origin story, exerts massive influence over our perceptions of ourselves and each other. 

  Ideas about who is worthy of power and which identities deserve recognition are rooted in this idea of destiny. Currently this concept is the subject of intense political scrutiny. It's the philosophical fuel driving a volatile debate which is central to the profound division in our country today and will define the quality of our collective future. 

  These images, themselves each the result of a chaotic web of small decisions and chance events, now reside here. All of them collected in one place at one time, and exerting subtle psychological forces on one another. Changing each other. Shaping your perception.

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