In the midst of Brett Kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation hearing in Oct. 2018, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona made a scheduled appearance at an annual event in Boston. Sen. Flake was one of only a few republicans who expressed any ambivalence about confirming Kavanaugh to the court despite allegations of sexual misconduct. His vote, it was thought, could decide Kavanaugh's fate.

  Students at Emerson College organized a rally to call for Sen. Flake to vote against Kavanaugh's confirmation, effectively denying his nomination. The rally drew attention from local and national figures. Ayanna Presley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along with the Emerson organizers spoke in front of a crowd outside the event. 

  Sen. Flake's appearance was dominated by the controversy. Recent images of Sen. Flake amidst the high profile hearings were projected. Protestors inside the event stood during Sen. Flake's appearance. They held signs bearing Dr. Blasey-Ford's name. 

A crowd gathers outside the venue ahead of Sen. Flake's appearance.

Emerson student and organizer Erin Swauger stands in front of the crowd.

Newly elected congresswoman Ayanna Presley prepares to speak.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez applauds her new congressional ally.

Emerson student and organizer Mari Sitner. 

Annie Noel, an Emerson student and organizer of the event, addresses the crowd.

Inside the venue.

Sen. Flake is shown an image of himself taken during the hearings in front of the audience at the event.

Protestors outside the venue.

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